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                The recruitment process

                1. Dissemination of information
                Recruitment web sites, all institutions of higher employment network and campus recruitment information on the bbs, and open a company official school catch platform; 

                2. Collecting resume
                We will pass the chinese for the campus recruitment system received my resume, type resume library;

                3. Resume filter
                We will resume the first candidate to resume classifying, filtering, sorting;  

                4. First try 
                According to resume the result to determine the list. the interview in discourse or the school office;

                5. Reply try 
                According to the first try and assessment result, the candidates won by the employer, confirmed the results. The communication;

                Two interview, we will be based on actual conditions, different schools to employ staff as soon as possible to make employment agreements;

                7.Real learning 
                We will arrange to employ persons to practise;

                8.Recorded in 
                In practice, and candidates for the formal school two-year, and the company may sign the contract, a formal offer.

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