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                Talent concept
                Zhonachang auto parts Co., LTD  Adhere to the "talent is enterprise most precious wealth" concept. The company considers, the enterprise comprehensive strength of competition is, in essence, the talents' competition. Enterprise possesses first-class talents, can we win the competition.

                To has the talent in the enterprise, must first formed in valuing talents good atmosphere. The company in line with "respect talented person, trust talents, rely on the talent," humanistic thought, established the distinctive cultural work, study and life of environment, allowing employees to independent personality and personal dignity, personal rights fully respect and can often feel from enterprise family understanding, care and help, let employees of enterprises produced realistically identity, safe and belonging. Meanwhile, the enterprise also maintained and employee "win-win" the strategic thinking, and strive to create a good environment, make individual and organization grow together, to talent development to build a broad arena.

                "Sea broadly sincerity, days of high niaofei, our company provides wide stage and the broad view. We lit the splendor of humanism, return the value of life, with you create prosperity and happiness! 


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