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                Vacuum Booster with brake main cylinder assembly
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                Vacuum Booster assembly
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                Brake system component
                BRAKE WHEEL CYLINDER
                Enterprise culture
                1、The spirit of enterprise
                Innovation, pragmatism, endeavoring, dedication  

                2、Core idea 
                Enterprise mission: promoting national industry, realize of industry
                Business philosophy: quality first, first forever
                Market idea: take the market as the guidance,  "customer satisfaction" as the core, all services to customers.
                Quality concept: keep improving, the pursuit of excellence
                Talent concept: the company to provide the opportunity for the employee, the employee for the company to create wealth   

                3、Management concept 
                It is with the person this,  to create "the learning organization" and promote enterprise development, realize personal value. p;

                Quality: the quality first, the user is supreme.
                Business concept: take the market as the guidance, all subject to market, all services in the market.
                Management: it is with the person this, care about people, understanding, respect people, science and strict unified.
                Talent: the market competition is ultimately talent competition. Human resource is the most precious wealth of the company.   
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